Migration as an issue for trade unions and workplaces

On Saturday, 16 April 2016, 11am – 4pm, a broad range of people organising and campaigning for social change come together: „traditional“ trade unionists, unemployed activists, migrant workers organising themselves, refugee rights activists, housing activists. We’d like to discuss how to build an inclusive and divers trade union movement that helps to overcome the many barriers and division lines that sometimes make our struggles so difficult.

Whoever needs translation EN<>DE or FR<>DE, please make yourself known (and tell us which language so wen can be prepared) by sending a mail to **netzwerk-solidarische-gewerkschaft@posteo.de**. Thank you.
A ceux qui auront besoin d’une traduction FR<>ALL ou ANG<>ALL, veuillez le signaler par l’envoi d’un message à **netzwerk-solidarische-gewerkschaft@posteo.de** tout en spécifiant la langue demandée pour qu’on puisse tout préparer. Merci beaucoup.


11am Opening contributions

  1. The refugee rights movement in Germany
    Dr. Mbolo Yufanyi – The VOICE Refugee Forum and former scholarshipßholder of the Hans-Böckler-Foundation
  2. From welcome culture to immigration union: the example of ver.di
    Romin Khan – referee for migration politics for ver.di
  3. Historical Perspective: Migration towards Germany and the role of trade unions
    Dr. Kyoko Shinozaki, University of Osnabrück

12:20 pm – lunch break (vegan and vegetarian)

1 pm Breakout sessions

  1. Strategies for organising outside the workplace
  2. Measures to integrate refugees in the workplace-labour market
  3. Fears and worries within the rank and file union membership – what can we do?
  4. Processes of organising migrant workers in the healthcare, logistics and hospitality sectors
  5. Access to education from childcare to higher education: barriers for refugees and migrants and potential actions and solutions
  6. Unity is strength! Barriers and division lines

3pm Final session – coming together

4pm End

Registration: Please register and let us know if you need childcare or barrier-free access. Thanks!


Location: Mehringhöfe is right next to the tube station „Mehringdamm“ on the line „U7“. There is a barrier-free toilette in the building but it’s located on another floor. We’re very happy to provide any help you might need to participate.


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